7 March, 2010 11:31

Happy, Mel and Steve had a great ride to Pelley Crossing. 75 miles. We were on a dog sled trail very narrow – passing
thru 20 miles of burned forest, many lakes with awsome ice heaves, lots of bedding areas where the dog teams bed down for the night (no dog teams were on the trail) and no civilization. Mel’s sled hit a tree stump (as we all did) and broke his lower A frame and bent his front end. Not fixable without a new front end. Happy & Steve have wisely decided not to continue with the last 200 miles left to Dawson with only 2 sleds. (a note to our wives – we can make the right and safe decision) We wait for our support vehicle to pick us up.

Wake up Mel!


7 March, 2010 11:07

Today Saturday we are trailering to Dawson about 340 miles. Some of us may drop the sleds half way and snowmobile as far as we can.
Yesterday (Friday) we snowmobiled thru the Rockies 140 miles into Ross River. The greatest views I have ever had on a sled. Amazing scenery. 37F at noon today. Very remote in this area – must be careful on gas for support vehicles. Can you guess who holds the record for the best stuck sled?
More later

Day 18

Most of Group 2 have arrived in Dawson, Yukon. Only Mel, Steve and Happy stayed back to ride the last leg to Dawson and currently in Pelly Crossing, Yukon. (Mel’s Polaris is broken down again… and his team will drive down to extract him.. His sled will be offered up for sale at a much reduced price… Everyone is safe and will be in Dawson by tomorrow.

P.S. Steve, Wheeler Dan is coming for ya!

Day 17 Friday 3-5-10

We are leaving for our day at 7:00 this morning.  Remember I will not have my computer with me so no updates for a day or so.  Watch our progress on the Spot once we drop the sleds in about 100 miles of driving

More great pictures from today on the right under photos – Enjoy

31 miles today  total of 2,829 total miles and 95.7 hours on the sled

We did sled into Watson Lake, Yukon today.  31 miles.  Tomorrow we are changing plans and staying in Ross River, Yukon.  We are driving for about 100 miles then dropping the sleds and taking forest roads (about 150 miles on sled) into Ross River.  Our support vehicles will not follow and I will not have my computer to update you.  We  will have  a day of silence on the computer.  Enjoy!  Then on Saturday we are going to meet up with the CMP (Canadian Mounted Police) and they are guiding us for 5 hours.  Then we are driving to Dawson City after that. Saturday will be a very long day.  All this is subject to change.  You should be able to track us on the Spot

Highlights of the day Hot Springs, running out of diesel,

Franks Barbie tent, Happy’s snowmobile lessons, the scenery

and buffalo.

First we walk ¼ mile to jump into the hot springs with our swimming trunks on and then play in the snow,

then we run out of gas in our support vehicle, (we had 12 gallons with us) but the clincher is Mel runs out of diesel in his support vehicle.  No diesel on board and the closest town is 70 miles away.  A nice Canadian stopped with his pickup truck with a 55 drum of diesel on back and offered to sell Mel diesel but Mel in all his wisdom said “I sent the other support vehicle back to see if they could buy diesel from a construction site that we had passed ½ hour earlier’”  So Mel turns down the diesel.  But our group leader Todd saves the day and runs down the same pickup truck that Mel (in all his infinite wisdom said no too) and bought diesel from him. So now we know why Todd is our leader and why MEL HAS MORE NEW NICKNAMES THAN ANYONE ELSE – THE ONLY PROBLEM IS WE CANNOT PRINT THEM HERE

And since this is taking so long and we thought we would have to camp overnight Frank decided to pitch his tent and get ready for a long night.

Happy (Jack) saves the day for us.  He says lets sled into town and we did.  30 miles later and 3 1/2 hours and at least 14 times stuck 8 of us travel to town by sled.  Happy is an amazing snowmobiler – the best I have ever been with and he is sharing his knowledge with us.  Thanks Happy

and to top every thing off we saw great scenery and lots of Buffalo.

Additional photos from today under Photos on the right side

We are in the Yukon

We arrived at Watson Lake at 5:15.  Staying at our normal hotel Big Horn Motel  867 536 2020.   Eight of us dropped 30 miles from town and rode the snowmobiles into town.  Todd, Glen, Cliff, Ken, Steve, Jack, Mel and Frank.  Between everybody we were stuck 14 times.  More later tonight.

We are just getting ready to leave at 8:30 today.  AGAIN NO SLEDDING TODAY.  We might be moving to a different hotel tonight.  It looks like in the last 3 days only 45 miles on sled.