Group 2 has left the trails

Group 2 enjoyed breakfast together this morning and we all departed Dawson City to go our separate ways home. Many are driving = some are flying home.  We are excited to soon be united with our families and friends and share our many  stories – both good and bad on our quest to Tok, Alaska.

We all leave with fond memories and great friendships.  It is amazing how a group of complete strangers came together  to complete our quest to Tok, Alaska against more obstacles than imaginable.  Our dream became a reality.  Our journey will be remembered by many as we passed thru their communities and we will never forget their hospitality and willingness to help us on our quest.  Without their help our journey would not have been able to be completed.

 A special Thank You to Todd our group 2 leader, all our support vehicle drivers,  our Command Center, Jeramey Valley, our sponsors and to all who helped as we progressed to Tok and to Bill Bradfield whose dream became a reality.  It is amazing the support we needed and received on our journey. 

We have raised over $70,000.00  for diabetes research along the way with many pledges and mail donations still to be added.   It is not too late to be part of  this quest!

Thank  you to everyone for your help and to our families for letting us fulfill a once in a lifetime opportunity.  


3,281 miles to Tok on sled       111.5 hours on sled   (Steve’s sled)

3472 total miles on trip        117.4 hours on sled           (this includes trip back to Dawson City by sled)

Total number of sleds we saw on the trail – 82  (this is totally amazing-so few)

Total number of gallons of gas used – 188.8 (Steve’s sled)

Total gallons of oil used  – 3.75 (Steve’s sled)

Total number of carbide sets replaced – 31  (Group 2 total)

Total number of hyfax sets replaced – 22 (Group 2 total)

Total number of stop signs from Michigan to Tok – 982     

Total number of stop signs from Michigan to Tok that we stopped at ?

Total cost for all our great memories -” priceless”

 What will MichCanSka 2 bring?

Perhaps a trek around Lake Superior!  I’m in.

I will be posting more pictures in the next week (I need to catch up on photos) so continue to check our website.  To all members of Group 2 and our drivers –

              “thanks for the memories”   Snappy 100  (Steve Haas)

perhaps you are wondering how I got the name Snappy 100 – I was always snapping pictures while the group continued on without me – so I had to go 100 miles an hour to catch back up

Final thought

Did I mention that we love this sport!

Group 2 is back in Dawson City.  The Top of The World Highway between Tok and Dawson took its toll on us.  We had over 12 sleds stuck on the way back from drifts and white outs.  Unbelievable!  The groomer is going out tomorrow morning for Group 1 and 3 so they can get thru.    Many if not all of Group 2 are leaving tomorrow for home.  

Moral of the Day from Dave  – Don’t mess with Mother Nature!



Snappy 100 (Steve)  “Thanks for the memories from everyone in group 2″      ” Remember what happens in Group 2 stays in Group 2″

Jack (Happy)  “Thanks for all the support from family and friends”

Max “For a new guy it doesn”t get any better than this”  “We ended as we began – one great group”

Glen “Hi to my family – I’m coming home  – Sensational trip”

Todd ” Its over”

Dick “A great trip – the last day the most exciting and treacherous”

Mel “awesome trip”

Frank “Living the Dream, riding the nightmare”

Cliff Sr “Great experience – well worth it”

Cliff “The last 400 miles were the most memorable and the parade into Tok was really special”

Ken “Our last day was quite a challenge, but we won – glad to be back to the hotel”

David “Brought the Yahama – should have brought the SkiDoo”

Roy “Learned a new definition of Cluster”

Tim “I thought this trip would be a challenge – and it was”

Larry “Just another short cut”

Dan “I think I saw BigFoot”

9 March, 2010 09:40

Good morning from Tok. Most of group 2 will depart from Tok ay 9:30 today and snowmobile back to Dawson on the Top of The World Highway. (185 miles) It does feel like you are on top of the world with awsome views
but very high winds. Our local guide said they were over 50 mph and we believe them. Yesterday we had lunch at Chicken Alaska (population 4) and fueled up.
Many are departing tomorrow to start driving back to Michigan

8 March, 2010 23:08

Live from our banquet in Tok, Alaska

8 March, 2010 19:16

We are in Tol Alaska going thru customs

Day 20 Monday 3-8-10

Today we are off to Tok, Alaska.  We will be leaving about 8:00 this morning. All 3 groups are in Dawson – 52 sleds will be going to Tok.   Photos from the last couple of days have been posted under the photo section.

Day 19 Sunday 3-7-10


Total distance traveled  so far`3095 total miles

All of Group 2 have arrived.  Happy, Mel and Steve rode their sleds 61 miles on the highway into  Dawson City, Yukon today.  Dan Wheeler saved our day.  Thanks again Dan   Dawson received quite a bit of snow last night.  We arrived about 5:30.

Change of plans – Monday we are traveling to Tok as one group.  All 3 groups are here.

7 March, 2010 11:31

Happy, Mel and Steve had a great ride to Pelley Crossing. 75 miles. We were on a dog sled trail very narrow – passing
thru 20 miles of burned forest, many lakes with awsome ice heaves, lots of bedding areas where the dog teams bed down for the night (no dog teams were on the trail) and no civilization. Mel’s sled hit a tree stump (as we all did) and broke his lower A frame and bent his front end. Not fixable without a new front end. Happy & Steve have wisely decided not to continue with the last 200 miles left to Dawson with only 2 sleds. (a note to our wives – we can make the right and safe decision) We wait for our support vehicle to pick us up.

Wake up Mel!

7 March, 2010 11:07

Today Saturday we are trailering to Dawson about 340 miles. Some of us may drop the sleds half way and snowmobile as far as we can.
Yesterday (Friday) we snowmobiled thru the Rockies 140 miles into Ross River. The greatest views I have ever had on a sled. Amazing scenery. 37F at noon today. Very remote in this area – must be careful on gas for support vehicles. Can you guess who holds the record for the best stuck sled?
More later

Day 18

Most of Group 2 have arrived in Dawson, Yukon. Only Mel, Steve and Happy stayed back to ride the last leg to Dawson and currently in Pelly Crossing, Yukon. (Mel’s Polaris is broken down again… and his team will drive down to extract him.. His sled will be offered up for sale at a much reduced price… Everyone is safe and will be in Dawson by tomorrow.

P.S. Steve, Wheeler Dan is coming for ya!